Bethesda Announce Rage 2

Bethesda Announce Rage 2

While this may not be a huge surprise as it has been “leaked” Rage 2 has now officially been confirmed by the good folks at Bethesda. 

The original Rage was developed by id Software and released in 2011. It is a first person shooter set in a post-apocalyptic world and it clearly had a lot of inspiration from the Mad Max series. I liked the first person shooter action that the game had and the violence was really over the top, but the driving sections were not really my cup of tea. Still, I played the game on PlayStation 3 and it was a good time. However, Rage did not exactly set the world on fire and it was one of those games that could be purchased for next to nothing shortly after its release, even though Bethesda has said that the game sold fairly well. 

This time around with Rage 2, Bethesda is making the game, which I think is great news as they did one hell of a job when they rebooted Doom a couple of years back. The teaser trailer that Bethesda has released is really cool. Rage 2 is still set in that post-apocalyptic Mad Max style world and the trailer is made using live action and it is awesome, it has a kind of 80’s feel to it. A proper gameplay trailer is due in the next few days, but I am really excited for this and the reaction online has been very positive. 

With what they did with Doom, I am really interested in what they are going to do with Rage 2. Rage was all about violence, but it did have a pretty interesting story, I think that Rage 2 is going to be even more story driven and covered in lots of blood, guts and vehicular death! 

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