Best Overwatch Skins

Best Overwatch Skins

I am a huge Overwatch fan and the Overwatch League and the skins that are part of it has gotten me back into collecting skins. I wanted to have a little bit of fun today and share with you what I feel are the best Overwatch skins in the game so far. 



D.Va is my favorite Overwatch character and it took me forever to get enough currency to get this skin, which is also my favorite in the whole game. I think the reason I love this is that I am a huge Transformers fan and I am sure this is a nod to Transformers….. or maybe I am looking too much into it and it is just all about bees? All I know is that I love this skin!

Mercy: Witch


I will fully admit that the last thing you want on your Overwatch team is me playing as Mercy…. I suck! But man, I love her character and watching a skilled player using her in the Overwatch League is really cool. This was part of the Junkenstien’s Revenge mode and the skin actually made me want to get better at playing with Mercy. Also thanks to this skin, we now have a ton of awesome Witch Mercy cosplay. 

Reaper: Shiver 


This was the very first skin I got as part of the Winter Wonderland last year and I love it. Reaper has some of the coolest skins in the game and it was between this and Nevermore for me. I just love the way he looks, he kind of reminds me of Sub Zero from Mortal Kombat. Reaper is one of the coolest looking characters in the game in general and this Shiver skin is certainly one of my favorites. 

These are my three favorite skins in Overwatch and I am certainly hopeful that I can score some of the new Legendary Skins that are on their way, especially that awesome Kabuki Hanzo skin. I would love to know what your favorite Overwatch skins are in the comments down below. 

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