Best Movies Based On Video Games

Best Movies Based On Video Games

Today I am looking at some of my favorite movies that are based on video games. The trailer for the new Tomb Raider movie has just dropped and I must say it looks pretty darn good. They have captured the look of Lara from the new games very well so I am pretty excited to check it out when it is released next year. Anyway, while the majority of video game movies have been pretty lame, some have been…. Ok so good might be stretching it, but fun, they have certainly been fun. So here are a couple that I really have enjoyed.

Mortal Kombat

I could not have been any more into Mortal Kombat when this movie was released. It was rated 15 here in the UK and at the time it was released I was only 14 and a little on the short side so I was worried they would not let me in. I walked up to the counter and in a really deep, almost James Earl Jones style voice I said “Mortal Kombat please” thankfully the lady behind the counter could not have cared less, did not even look at me and gave me a ticket, so I was in!

I loved the first Mortal Kombat movie. It was just like the games. It had all the characters from the first game, featured a ton of fighting and it actually had moves from the games in it. They really could not have adapted the game to the big screen any better and I actually think it holds up pretty well to this day. It is a movie that I can watch and have fun every time and it also has one hell of a badass soundtrack. Even now, after 20 plus years this is one of the best video game to movie adaptations.

Resident Evil Apocalypse

The Resident Evil series of movies is not its own thing, totally separate from the games and it is doing pretty well. While I am not a huge fan of all of the movies. The second one in the series. Apocalypse is my favorite and one that I think holds up pretty well and is actually underrated. To me, this is the last of the movies that really tried to be like the games. It featured so many nods and elements of the games up to Code Veronica that as a Resident Evil fan I thought it was just so cool.

The main things that I remember about this movie are the Lickers, Nemesis and of course, they pretty much had the opening scene from Code Veronica which I thought was really awesome. It is not the best movie in the world. But when it comes to movies based on video games. It is a movie that I always have a fun time watching.

There have been some other movies based on games that I have enjoyed, but these are the main two that always spring to mind when I think about movies based on video games. What are some that you have enjoyed?

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