Battlefield V To Only Charge For Cosmetics!

Battlefield V To Only Charge For Cosmetics!

Recently DICE took to Reddit to discuss their upcoming Battlefield V. Battlefield V is going to be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC this October. It has been a couple of years since Battlefield 1 so many gamers are excited about this.

During the AMA on Reddit, DICE talked about the Tides Of War and other things that we can expect from Battlefield V, but the most interesting piece of information was in regards to microtransactions or as they liked to put it, monetization. 

The memory of what happened to DICE and EA with last year’s Star Wars Battlefront II is still very fresh in the memory. Many people were interested to see what DICE and EA would do in terms of the Battlefield V microtransactions and now thanks to DICE themselves we have a better understanding of what they plan to do.

Ryan McArthur who works at DICE as a producer for engagement and Core gameplay said that monetization will be in the game (I guess that they are trying to stay away from the term microtransactions!) however it will be for cosmetic items and cosmetic items only. I think this is good news. They really had to do this as I am sure people would have eagle eyes on Battlefield V to see if any of what they tried to do with Star Wars Battlefront II sneaked in.

Battlefield V is going to be released on the 19th of October. October is a very busy month for video games this year so it will be interesting to see how it does. Battlefield V has a campaign, multiplayer and a Battle Royale mode so it appears to be a stacked package. 

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