Are You Ready For A Close Encounter With A Shotgun?

Are You Ready For A Close Encounter With A Shotgun?

Friday the 25th of May will see a new Fortnite limited time event start, Close Encounters. One has already started on the 22nd, Solid Gold V2 which is a lot of fun and a great way to get the chance to check out the rarer weapons in the game.

However, it is Close Encounters that has gotten everyone excited. Why is this new mode called Close Encounters? Well because the idea is that you get close to other players and blast them in the face with a shotgun…. Oh, all the while you are flying on a jetpack!

Jetpacks are going to be very interesting in this mode, that along with the fact that all the weapons are shotguns and you have a mode that is going to be balls to the wall action. The storm is going to move in a little quicker in this mode, which adds to the intense action. Epic has said that a game is going to last around 15 minutes, but I have a feeling they will be far quicker than that as people will have to get up close and personal to dish out damage with the shotguns.

Fortnite Battle Royal Close Encounters is something that I cannot wait to have some fun with. I am certainly more of an up close kind of player so I think I might do well. Flying jetpacks, on the other hand, is something I have struggled with in other games so I am interested to see how they will handle, while I am trying to blow another player away.

Ariel battles with shotguns….. yeah this is why people love Fortnite Battle Royale!

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