Are Super Nintendo Games Coming To The Switch?

Are Super Nintendo Games Coming To The Switch?

Ahh, Nintendo the masters of making us keep paying for the same games each generation! I swear I have rebought Link to the Past so many times it is crazy! Anyway, Nintendo struck gold with their Virtual Console and many wondered why it was not on the Switch.

Well, Nintendo did release the NES and SNES Classic and some have speculated that is why they were late to add older games to the Switch. Also, Nintendo is including retro games as part of their online service. Currently, it is only NES games that are part of the service. However, some tech heads have done some data mining and found information that hints that SNES games are on the way.

The list is pretty interesting and it shares many parallels with the SNES Classic which totally makes sense. There are some games like Demons Crest and Breath of Fire 2 which stand out as they were not on the SNES Classic. One game that is on this list is Star Fox 2 which is pretty cool as that was one of the crown jewels of the SNES Classic Mini.

Nintendo has been very quiet in regards to SNES games on the Nintendo Switch and they have said that there are no plans to add them as part of their online service. With how bare bones their online service is, I would have to think that adding the whole library of games that were on the SNES Classic along with some extras to the Switch online service would be a huge deal.

It could very well make people think that yes the Nintendo Switch online service is worth paying for. The lineup of NES games has been rather strange, but if this list is right it would indicate that they are coming out swinging with their SNES games line up on the Nintendo Switch.

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