Activision Are Testing Out A Battle Royale Mode In Call Of Duty!

Activision Are Testing Out A Battle Royale Mode In Call Of Duty!

We all know that the Battle Royale genre/mode or whatever you want to call it has taken gaming by storm. Fortnite and PUBG are two of, if not the biggest games in the world right now and with how successful that has been, Activision has been quietly testing their very own Battle Royale mode in Call Of Duty.

Some kind of Battle Royale mode being added to this year's Call Of Duty Black Ops IIII has been a rumor since the game was announced. However, the folks at Activision are already on the case as right now, gamers in China are able to take part in a Call Of Duty Battle Royale mode as part of Call Of Duty Online, which is an exclusive version of the game to that region.

The way that this Battle Royale mode works in Call Of Duty Online is a bit different to PUBG and Fortnite. To start with only 18 people are in a match, not 18. I am sure this is something that they will want to increase, but to be fair this is still a beta. Players do not “drop in” a map either, they can actually pick their starting position. Also, the game has a more “game show” type vibe as you can hear people cheering when you kill someone which is fun.

Like PUBG and Fortnite, the idea of Call Of Duty Online Battle Royale is to survive and be the last gamer standing. You also do not start a match with any weapons and like the other two games, you have to scavenge for supplies. Also, there is a circle that is pushing you into the middle of the map.

For years now Call Of Duty has offered a robust and fun online experience so it is very interesting to see what they can bring to the Battle Royale genre. I suggest you check out some gameplay of the Call Of Duty Online Battle Royale beta on YouTube as it looks a lot of fun, even in this rather early state. 

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