A Quarter of a Century of Doom!

A Quarter of a Century of Doom!

I was pretty mind blown to find out that Doom turned 25 recently. How can Doom be 25, because if it is I am old! Today I wanted to talk about my experiences with the Doom franchise.

Back when Doom first came out I did not have a PC capable of playing the game. I had read about it in gaming magazines and it looked awesome. Some kids from school had it, but I was not friends with any of them. Doom came to the SNES and I played it at a friend’s house and I loved it. Had I not gotten a PlayStation for Christmas of 1995, Doom for SNES would have been top of my Christmas list. Of course, Doom was released on PlayStation, but for whatever reason I never wanted it.

Fast forward one year to 1996. I had three games on my Christmas list. Crash Bandicoot, Resident Evil and WWF In Your House….. one of those games is not like the others now isn’t it! Anyway, Christmas morning I see all my presents and I am tearing through them. I open up WWF In Your House first, then I come across Resident Evil and then I come across another PlayStation sized wrapped gift and knew it was Crash Bandicoot….. but it was not. It was Final Doom! I flipped out I had no idea I was getting this (Crash Bandicoot was also there) and getting an extra game was really cool.

What was neat about this was that my parents picked this game as a surprise for me as my dad remembered me going on and on about not being able to play Doom when it was first released. This was my first Doom game that I owned and that Christmas morning I can tell you that Final Doom (along with Crash Bandicoot) were the two games that I spent most of my time with. It was right there and then that I was sold on first person shooters, Final Doom for those who already had Doom may not have seemed all that great, for me though it was the coolest thing ever and it was one of those games that I played with the music cranked right up.

Doom has since gone on to be one of my favorite franchises and I loved the Doom reboot. However, I will always have a real soft spot for Final Doom on the PlayStation as that was the first time I got to really sink my teeth into a Doom game. Looking back I also really appreciate the fact my parents bought me two 18 rated games without batting an eyelid!

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