A New Genre of Books Made Just for Gamers - LitRPG

A New Genre of Books Made Just for Gamers - LitRPG

Have you ever played a role playing game that you thought could be better? Have you always wished you had the ability to create the perfect game world as you see it in your imagination?

Well, you’re not alone. Authors from around the world are creating their own role playing games without limitations, and we couldn’t be happier. Except there is only one problem… they aren’t actually games.

Literary Role Playing Games

Imagine 50 years in the future a video game company invents fully immersive virtual reality. You can login and be transported into any game world you wish. The possibilities are endless. You can level up, feel pain, feel pleasure, collect rare items, battle legendary monsters, or anything else you wish you could do in real life.

That is what authors of LitRPG are writing about today. If you want a truly immersive role playing experience pick up a LitRPG book today!

Don’t know what book to read first? Use this handy LitRPG Book Finder Tool

Official LitRPG Definition

“LitRPG or Literary Role Playing Games is a sub-genre of fiction where characters enter into, or play, a role playing game. LitRPG has the flexibility to encompass other sub-genres depending on the world a character exists in, or enters into. This includes but is not limited to: Fables, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Horror, and Mystery.”

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