Will Project Scorpio Win Over Gamers?

Will Project Scorpio Win Over Gamers?

The Xbox Project Scorpio has just gotten a pre order page with a holiday 2017 release date. Well apart from hearing about teraflops and 4K, we still do not know a whole lot about it. I am lucky enough to own a PS4 and Xbox One and while I like my Xbox One (I think the controller is one of the best ever made!) I must admit if I was forced to choose I would pick the PS4. Still I am very excited for the Xbox Project Scorpio. Which by the way am I the only one who thinks of Hank Scorpio from The Simpsons when this is brought up?
Anyway here are a few things I want to see from Xbox Project Scorpio.

Be Faster!!!!

Ok so with all the power under the hood this is a give in. I know many people argue this point, but for me the Xbox One is slower at everything. Especially installing and downloading games. In general I am really looking forward to the extra horsepower the Project Scorpio is going to offer as it will make the Xbox One gaming experience much better in terms of just getting a game up and running. Not just that, but sometimes loading up menus going from one part of the dashboard to the other and pretty much everything else can be a very slow process.

Installing Games

Yes this is kind of what we just talked about, but my biggest gripe with the Xbox One is how damn slow it is when it comes to installing games. Not just that, but then updating games as well is a painfully slow process. I know I just talked about the console being faster. But they really do need to have done something to speed up the installation service.

Merge Their Online Services

Ok so this one is very unrealistic I know. But I would love to see their Games Pass and Xbox Live merged into one service. There is too much crap to pay for on a monthly basis in gaming these days and I think merging the two of these services for like ten bucks a month would be a huge, huge move and really show that Xbox wants to give gamers great value. I think the Games Pass is a pretty good deal, but when you add in the cost of Live. It does make your Xbox a rather costly monthly addition to your bills. Merging them both for about ten bucks would be awesome.

Come Out Swinging With A Huge Game

I really hope that Microsoft have something cooked up that is going to blow people away. A lot of eyes are going to be on Xbox One this holiday season and while there are some fantastic games on Xbox One. For this new version of the console they simply must have a couple of huge new games. In all honesty I feel that they should have worked triple overtime to have something like a new Halo ready for this console launch. No matter what it is they simply must have at least one big triple A game that shows off the power of this console.

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