Why Has Virtual Reality Not Caught On: PlayStation VR

Why Has Virtual Reality Not Caught On: PlayStation VR

Growing up in the 90’s we were told that Virtual Reality would be the next big thing and over 20 years later, I am still waiting for that to happen!

I bought a PlayStation VR set up earlier this year. I was lucky in that I was paying more tax than I should be and got it all back, so was able to use that to buy one, otherwise, I would still be sitting here without one. Although the fact that PlayStation VR seems to be a hot item this Black Friday may have swayed me. In relation to the other PC headsets, the PlayStation VR is the cheapest, but as a buddy of mine once said. It is the cheapest out of a bunch of expensive things and as of right now, even with the Black Friday deals happening, PlayStation VR costs more than the actual PlayStation console, that is a lot for a person to swallow.

I have actually had a lot of fun with my PlayStation VR, the Batman Arkham and the Star Wars Battlefront VR were both a blast and I wish my ten year old self could have experienced them, but experiencing them is the right way to describe how I feel about PlayStation VR as it feels more of an experience than a way to play games. So far I can honestly say that I have played one game that I felt was better with VR than without and that game is Resident Evil VII. That is already a scary game, but the VR made it even more intense, so much so that a couple of times, I pulled the headset off my head!

Apart from that, I really am not sold that VR is the way to go for gaming. It is fun and the tech actually works, it works better than I ever imagined it would. But apart from Resident Evil VII, I have yet to have another VR experience that really blows my mind and makes me want to play from the beginning of a game all the way to the end.

While the games may be part of what is stopping people going crazy for VR, I do feel that it is the very expensive price that prevents people from getting in on it. If you are a parent and your kids have a PlayStation 4 or an Xbox One that you spent a few hundred bucks on the Christmas before, you will be very hesitant to spend that same amount again on an accessory. If Sony or someone else can get a high quality VR headset on the market for around 100 bucks, bundled with a game, I really do think that would make VR become more appealing.

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