Why Can Prop Hunt Not Stay In Call Of Duty WWII?

Why Can Prop Hunt Not Stay In Call Of Duty WWII?

I think that Call Of Duty WWII is one of the best first person shooters of the last decade. It features a blockbuster campaign, a solid multiplayer and one of the best zombies modes to date! As I write this we are just at the end of the first week of the Resistance Event and one of the best things that came as part of the first week of the Resistance Event was Prop Hunt!

Prop Hunt is a mode that was first introduced back in Modern Warfare. Basically, you have one team that hides and the other that seeks. The team that hides will spawn in as some kind of object it could be something small like a crate or something large like a truck. You need to place your object in a spot that makes it look like it is supposed to be there…. So the opposing team will not blow you away. 

Prop Hunt is a ton of fun and thanks to new additions to the mode like getting decoy props you can use and there being a more robust score system in place. It is the kind of game mode that you can intend to play just one round of, but end up still playing it a few hours later.

The Resistance Event is the first big event to hit Call Of Duty WWII and adding in Prop Hunt has been awesome and I for one would love to see it stay as part of the game. But from what I can tell by the time you read this, Prop Hunt will be gone as this mode is only going to be here for the first week of the Resistance Event. To be fair other first person shooters that have events (Overwatch) do this, they introduce a game mode as part of an event and when that event is done, the mode is gone.

I hope that you guys have had as much fun with Prop Hunt as I have and hopefully when Treyarch release Call Of Duty 2018, they will bring Prop Hunt back as a game mode we can enjoy anytime. 

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