When Gaming Goes Digital

When Gaming Goes Digital

Not only do I play a lot (or as my wife says, too many) modern video games. I am also a collector and play lots of old games. So I guess you could say that I have a real attachment for physical media. However, I do feel that there clearly is going to be a time when gaming is fully digital.

I do not think it will be with the next console generation. The PlayStation 5 and the Xbox… whatever it will be called, I feel will be similar to what we have now with digital and physical games co-existing, with digital ones for some bizarre reasons costing far more than their physical counterparts… just one of the things I hate about digital games.

However as internet speeds get faster and large capacity storage drives cheaper, you would have to think that many games may decide to just skip a physical release altogether. We already have that now with smaller games. Scott Pilgrim vs The World, Turtles In Time Re-Shelled, Castle Crashers and Tony Hawks Pro Skater HD are just some of the digital games that I have bought over the years which have never been released physically.

I am lucky in that I live in the UK and as far as I know we have some of the best internet in the world over hear. We have fast download speeds and I would say that the majority of providers offer uncapped and unrestricted use of the internet. I know that other parts of the world, especially some parts of the USA are not at this level and until that happens I do not think that Sony or Microsoft would want to lose out on those sales by those people. 

As of right now I flat out refuse to support any kind of digital media that has a physical release. First of all, I like physical things and as a collector, I like to have them in hand. That is the main reason for it. However, I feel digital products ranging from movies, music and of course games are grossly overpriced. An example that is fresh in my mind is WWE 2K19. I could pre order a physical copy of that game for a little over 40 pounds, but on the PlayStation store, a digital copy costs £54.99! On what universe does that make any sense? And who are these people that are happily paying more money, but getting less?

Older games are even crazier. There are some games you can pick up for well under £10 pre-owned here in the UK, but on the PlayStation or Xbox store, they still want full price for them digitally. The key to me seems to be the way that PC games are priced. They see to have a far more fair pricing structure of their digital games and from what I have seen, PC gamers have been great at coming to terms with the fully digital age. 

I may be just old and set in my ways, but I truly will be sad when the day comes that gaming will be all digital. I just hope that by then they get these over inflated prices under control.

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