What we want to see in Overwatch

What we want to see in Overwatch

Ok so I know that Blizzard clearly have no intentions of talking about a follow up to last year’s smash, Overwatch. Especially as Orisa just dropped and in all honesty I would not be shocked if we got a few more characters by the end of the year. But to say I got hooked by Overwatch is an understatement.

Overwatch to me is a first person shooter than anyone can play. Even someone new to the genre can get to grips with the simple gameplay and once you have found a character you like, you start to learn how you can use that character’s abilities to help your team. It is a game that really does teach you to be a team player, but it does it in a fun way and for the most part (in my case at least) I have found that the community is pretty damn friendly as well.
Anyway today I was thinking about what I would like to see in a sequel and to be honest with you I was really struggling to come up with stuff. But I did come up with a couple of things.

Keep The Special Themed Games

Specifically what I am talking about here is Junkenstein's Revenge. I had such a blast with this. Blizzard did an awesome job with this mode and it was just fun to play each and every time I played it. It even forced me out of my comfort zone and made me play as characters that I would not normally play as. While I love these events they only last a short amount of time and I for one would love to see them become a permanent part of the game.

A Single Player Story Mode

Look I know that playing with other players is what Overwatch is all about and that is cool, but man, Blizzard have created such an interesting world here. Not just the world, but they have filled it with a ton of characters that I actually care about. Characters I would love to learn more about. I know that making a mode where you can play as any character you want would be hard. But I would be cool with a story mode that just focused on a handful of characters. I know that Overwatch is still really popular so I would love to know what kind of things you guys would love to see in an Overwatch 2 or maybe even added as a huge ass update at some point.

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