What Makes A Good Loot Box?

What Makes A Good Loot Box?

I have spoken about Star Wars Battlefront II a few times since the game launched. I have had a lot of fun with the game and think it is a shame for the developers (not EA) that all we are focused on is the controversy of the game. Loot boxes are a hot topic in gaming right now with some people saying that they are nothing more than gambling or a way to hide highly wanted items behind a paywall.

However, there are some companies that I feel do Loot boxes right. Star Wars Battlefront II is an example of a bad way to do Loot boxes. First of all you use the same currency to buy Loot boxes that you do actual characters in the game and before they changed it, you needed a ton of in game currency to buy them, or if they had their way and there was not such an outrage, real money would have been able to be used. Even Call Of Duty is holding back on its Microtransactions because of this.

To me, Loot boxes have become this really ugly thing with a real nasty stigma attached to them. While Loot boxes have been in games for a long time now, it was Overwatch where I first really encountered them and to be honest with you Overwatch to me is the best example of what makes a good Loot box.

When I get a Loot box in Overwatch and I get a skin or something else that is cool, it is a genuinely exciting moment, but the Loot boxes are never in your face to the point where you feel they are trying to take advantage. Having purely cosmetic items in a Loot box is the way to go. This way if people get super into the world of the game, they can spend real money to get skins, different colored weapons and so on and feel happy about that. Yet at the same time, those who do not want to spend money do not feel they are missing out on in game content all because they are not willing to spend more than their initial 60 bucks.

So for me, Overwatch is the gold standard when it comes to Loot boxes, in game items should never be a gamble in a loot box and the way Overwatch is all about cosmetic items in their Loot boxes is the way other games should be too!

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