What Is Rockstar’s Next Game?

What Is Rockstar’s Next Game?

Like many of you, I have put an ungodly amount of time into Red Dead Redemption II. It is one of my favorite games of the year and another shining example of why Rockstar is one of the best developers around.

It has got me thinking though, what is next for Rockstar? The smart money is that Grand Theft Auto 6 has already been in development for quite some time and that is going to be their next game. I have also thought that they might have tried their hand at bringing Grand Theft Auto V to the Nintendo Switch to squeeze a little more life out of that, which I would be cool with as that game was awesome.

One other thing they could perhaps have up their sleeves is some story DLC for Red Dead Redemption II. The Undead Nightmare DLC in the first Red Dead Redemption game was fantastic and just as good as the main game itself. I would love to see them do something like that again. What would make that even cooler is that if it lets you play as Arthur, John, and Sadie, I would love to get to play as Sadie as she was a great character.

It would be really cool if Rockstar decided to make a new game. The Warriors game they did was pretty random back in the day, but it was great and showed that they can handle licenses very well so maybe they could try something like that again?

I am sure I am not alone in wanting them to go back to Bully and do something with that? Bully on the Xbox 360 is one of their most underrated games and one that I play every couple of years to completion.

Rockstar may take their sweet time when they make games, but you never mind as you know that the end result is always going to be something that is very high quality.

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