What Is In The New Star Wars Battlefront II Patch?

What Is In The New Star Wars Battlefront II Patch?

Star Wars Battlefront II has had a very mixed reception, to say the least. I had fun with the campaign and I did actually enjoy what I played of the multiplayer. The problem I had was that while I enjoyed what I played, I lost interest pretty quickly. Well, my interest has peaked once again thanks to the latest patch.

Jetpack Cargo is a new game mode that sees each player being able to use a jetpack and a rocket launcher. I think that this mode sounds like a lot of fun and one that I plan on spending quite a lot of time with. What surprises me is that this new game mode is a limited time deal. Many other shooters do this such as Call Of Duty and Overwatch, but I feel Star Wars Battlefront II needs all the good press it can get so maybe they could just keep any new modes they add in the game?

As well as this new mode, three new Hoth skins are being added. These are for Luke, Leia, and Han. You get these skins by completing challenges that are going to be introduced into the game. 

Custom Arcade is getting some new maps that will hopefully make things more interesting (as long as they are rotated on a frequent basis) the main here is to make the Arcade Mode more fun. Bug fixes and improvement to AI is something else that this patch is also going to offer. 

I am actually pretty interested in most of what is being offered here so I am glad I did not uninstall Star Wars Battlefront II from my PlayStation 4. As well as this new patch there is a rumor floating around that there is some Star Wars Clone Wars DLC coming to Star Wars Battlefront II.

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