What Is Going On With The PlayStation Classic?

What Is Going On With The PlayStation Classic?

The PlayStation Classic is one of the weirdest releases of 2018. When it was announced people could not have been any more excited. It looked cool, had 20 games on it and the five they first announced were pretty awesome.

Then they started releasing more details most notably the remaining 15 games which were lackluster, to say the least! Not only that it turns out that they are using a preexisting emulator instead of something they created in house, plus the whole thing is just really barebones and lacking in any personality.

Well now that the PlayStation Classic is out in the wild some very talented people have cracked this thing open and had a look at what makes it tick. First of all, it is far more powerful than it needs to be.

Also, someone plugged a USB keyboard into it and was able to access the PlayStation Classics emulator settings! Now the really weird thing is that there is data or at the very least information for a further 36 games! People are freaking out about this. Why would Sony leave these on here and the lineup of these 36 games is way better than what they gave us.

Crash Bandicoot 1 and 2, Tomb Raider, Tony Hawk, Driver, Gran Turismo, GTA 2, Klonoa, Silent Hill, Parasite Eve and Street Fighter Alpha 3 are some of the more notable ones from this 36 games list. There are also some really weird ones like the original Medal of Honor, Toy Story 2 and Harry Potter.

The PlayStation Classic has been a bit of a disaster and the general thought on it is that once people figure out how to hack it so that you can put more games on it (or perhaps unlock some of those 36 games if they are actually on there) it will be a worthwhile purchase. However, the stock PlayStation Classic is a very underwhelming product and one of the biggest disappointments of the year.

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