What Does The Future Hold For EA’s Star Wars Games?

What Does The Future Hold For EA’s Star Wars Games?

There has been a rumor recently that Microsoft could potentially be looking at buying EA! To say this would be huge is an understatement, but that is not the news I want to talk about today. It was recently revealed during the EA Q3 Earnings Call that the next Star Wars game should be released by 2020. 

Not much else was said, but we do know that it is the team at Respawn who will be handling the game, if that name sounds familiar it is because this is the team that brought us Titanfall! It is pretty exciting to think what these guys could do with the Star Wars franchise considering how good Titanfall 2 was, it mixed a great first person campaign with a robust multiplayer setup.

The fact though that this game is potentially two years away is a little worrying in the time that EA has had the Star Wars license they have only released two games, both of which, especially Battlefront II have been given a less than awesome reception. How EA has not made Star Wars an annual franchise with different development studios making the games is crazy and something that Disney needs to be getting on their back about.

One other interesting note was that as well as the new Star Wars game from Respawn Entertainment. It sounds like Star Wars Battlefront II is also in the works! I find that pretty crazy to be honest and while I did play a lot of Star Wars Battlefront II the first couple of weeks of release, I have kind of lost all interest in the game. I really think that with the huge controversy around this game, EA is going to have a very hard time getting fans on board for another Star Wars game.

In the meantime, I feel that they could have remastered some older Star Wars games to fill the Star Wars void, maybe an HD pack of the two Force Awakens games or even better bringing Knights Of The Old Republic to PS4 and Xbox One would be pretty awesome.

For me, this is kind of sad and hard to imagine that with a company the size of EA at the helm, the Star Wars video game franchise has kind of fallen behind. What do you guys think of the way EA is treating the Star Wars franchise? Also, do you think that the upcoming Star Wars game from Respawn could be good?

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