What Do Xbox Need At E3 2018?

What Do Xbox Need At E3 2018?

E3 2018 is around a month away and chances are before the show takes place, many of the big games will have been “leaked” I am still very excited for this year’s show. Sony has already said that they are bringing the big guns such as Spider-Man and The Last Of Us 2. However, I feel that this is a very important E3 for Xbox.

So far the biggest “leak” or rumor if you will is that a funky new and easy to use Xbox One controller is going to be showcased at E3 2018. That is cool and all, but what about the games?

For me, there are two huge games that need to be shown in some shape or form at this year’s E3.

Halo 6

Halo 5 seems like it was a million years ago and I recently read that The Master Chief Collection is getting a big update…. Really, The Master Chief Collection? Do not get me wrong that is one of the best collections of games ever, the remaster of Halo 2 is actually one of the best remasters of any game I have experienced. However, Halo 6 is what we need to see this year.

Halo 5 is a game that I really, really enjoyed. I know that some fans have not been blown away with the direction the story has gone and not playing as Master Chief for a portion (quite a large portion) of the game was not to everyone’s taste. I still think it was fun and I am really interested to know what happens next. 

  Gears Of War 5

The other big shooter franchise that Xbox have is, of course, Gears Of War. Gears Of War 4 does not get the credit that it deserves in my opinion. It is one of the best looking games on the console and the story is fantastic. I see Gears Of War 4 as the Star Wars The Force Awakens of video games. It bridged the old and the new together all the while setting a future for the franchise up. The way Gears Of War 4 brought back all the characters we loved from the original games while introducing a new series of characters was so well done that the game should have picked up way more awards than it did.

You could argue that the core gameplay of Gears Of War has not changed, but why should it? Gears Of War is fine-tuned at this point and the ending of Gears Of War has left me wanting more for years now! I really, really hope that Gears Of War 5 is showcased this year and it will be even better if it is coming out this holiday season. 

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