What Do We Know About The Overwatch Year Of The Dog Event?

What Do We Know About The Overwatch Year Of The Dog Event?

No one does an event like Overwatch and with the awesome Halloween, Christmas and the introduction of Blizzard World, we have been kind of spoiled the last few months. Well, Year Of The Dog is the next Overwatch event and details are starting to trickle in.

Overwatch has done a “Lunar” event before and the Overwatch Year Of The Dog is going to start on the 8th of February. What we know for sure is that there will be a bunch of new skins for the event, although, despite my Batman detective skills, I could not find any leaks of just yet. There is also going to be a Capture The Flag game mode which I am thinking may tie into the Year Of The Dog theme as last year’s Year Of The Rooster, Capture The Rooster mode was a huge hit.

Speaking of the Overwatch Year Of The Rooster Event, the skins that were available during the Year Of The Rooster are going to have their prices discounted…; if only had not just spent all my Overwatch currency on the D.Va cat costume!

No end date for the event has been announced yet, but they usually last around three weeks. The actual Chinese New Year does not start until the week after the events starts so I am hopeful, Blizzard may throw us all a free loot box when Chinese New Year actually happens.

So while not a lot of information has been given, I for one would be more than happy if they just reworked the Capture The Rooster mode and put the dog in there! As is the case with all Overwatch events, the Overwatch Year Of The Dog will see a ton more players than usual fire up the game, so do not get too annoyed if it takes a while to find a game…. I am actually trying to convince myself of that not just you! 

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