What Are The Worst Video Game Controllers?

What Are The Worst Video Game Controllers?

As video game news is a little thin today, I thought I would have a little bit of fun and share with you my thoughts on what are the worst video game controllers. Before you come to my house with a pitchfork, remember these are my choices and if you disagree, let me know what video game controllers you do not like in the comments section below.v

Sega Master System 

As I am from the UK, the Sega Master System played a huge part in my life, it was actually far more popular than the NES here. While I loved the Master System console and the awesome library of games, the controller was not that great. It feels comfortable enough in your hands, but the d pad is very squishy and can be rather uncomfortable and not accurate. As a kid, I preferred to use the Master System Arcade Stick…. Even if Sega did mess it up by putting the actual joystick on the right hand side! You could actually use a Mega Drive controller on the Master System which is a far better option than using the actual Master System controller. 

Atari Jaguar

I did not get my Atari Jaguar until the system was long discontinued and I had for years heard about how bad the controller was, but I never thought it looked that bad. To start with the thing is very large, but one thing that people never mention when they talk about how bad the Jaguar controller is is the d pad. It feels very stiff, as do the three buttons which brings me to my next point. Why on earth did a system that was released a couple of years after the Super Nintendo only have three main buttons and no those keypad buttons do not count.

Nintendo Game Cube

Wow am I going to get a lot of hate for this one, but I really, really do not like the Nintendo Game Cube controller. The d pad is very, very stiff, but that is not why I am not a huge fan. It is weird just for the sake of being weird. I hate the X and Y buttons the dumb shape and their awkward position, along with that horrible C stick which games try and use as a second analog stick! Nintendo wanted to make a controller that was different just for the sake of doing so and I do not like it! Things like just one random Z button the right side also annoy me about this controller. 

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