What Are The Best Console Exclusives Of 2018?

What Are The Best Console Exclusives Of 2018?

So today is a bit of a slow day in the world of video games, but I thought I would set myself the challenge of picking the best exclusive game for each console that has so far been announced for a 2018 release. Of course, something like this is all down to personal opinion and if you have a different set of games to me, let me know in the comments down below. 

PlayStation 4: God Of War 4

The PlayStation 4 has some great exclusives planned for 2018, Spider-Man was nearly my pick. However, I have to give this to God Of War 4. I love the God Of War series and the change from Greek to Norse mythology is very interesting to me. Not only that, who is this kid? Is Kratos his real dad? Who is his mom? How did Kratos get here? I have so many questions that I cannot wait to have answered. 

Xbox One: Sea Of Thieves

I have not actually been part of the beta for this, but I am still very interested. Crackdown 3 was nearly my pick, but there is just something so very interesting about Sea Of Thieves to me. A game where you work as a group of pirates to get treasure and take down other pirates sounds like a lot of fun. I just hope that there is some kind of single player aspect to the game. Clearly, Xbox has some really high hopes for this game. 

Nintendo Switch: Kirby Star Allies

Nintendo has so far released a new Mario game, new Zelda game and a new Mario Kart in the first year of the Nintendo Switch’s life. Topping this is always going to be tough, but one Nintendo Switch exclusive that has me very excited is Kirby Star Allies. I love the Kirby series and this one looks a ton of fun. With some great abilities like Spider and Artist, a ton of classic abilities and the fact you can merge certain abilities looks to make this one of the most fun platform games of the year.

Of course, other games could be announced for 2018. I have a feeling that a new Gears Of War game might be on the cards for this year and Sony always seem to have something cooking

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