Treyarch Have Made Black Ops IIII Servers Smoother

Treyarch Have Made Black Ops IIII Servers Smoother

I am a bit of a lazy gamer and I will admit that I tend to just take things as they come and not really think much about it. However, as much as I have been having with Black Ops IIII. Even I will admit that getting into a game took far longer than it should and the experience while not bad was certainly not as smooth as it was in the beta.

Well, that is no longer the case as Treyarch have worked their butts off the last few days to get the servers running much better. I have already noticed that it does not take quite as long to get into a game as it did before and in general, everything is much “smoother” and kind of like it was during the beta.

I was pretty interested to find out that some hardcore Call of Duty Eggheads had crunched the numbers and actually worked out that the multiplayer servers were 20 oz when during the beta they were 60. Look, full disclosure here I have no idea what that “technically” means, but I do know that there is quite the jump from 20 to 60 so that is clearly why some of us had been having issues with growing a beard and getting old while waiting for a game.

I have always thought that the Black Ops series was fantastic and that Treyarch was always on the ball with getting things fixed and keeping the fans happy. Even at this very early stage, it is clear that is going to be the case with Call of Duty Black Ops IIII too.

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