Thoughts On WAR Mode In Call Of Duty WWII

Thoughts On WAR Mode In Call Of Duty WWII

So my time with the Call Of Duty WWII beta has come to an end and I while I have already talked a little about my early thoughts on this beta. I wanted to share my thoughts on a mode that is the most fun I have had in a Call Of Duty game in years and that is WAR mode! WAR mode is Axis vs Allies as you would expect and it is online multiplayer action again like you would expect. But this offers far more than just a straight up team Deathmatch experience.

The idea is that you have to complete certain objects. For example, the first stage sees you either having to defend a room or take it over (depending on what side you are on) then you have to do things like protect a weapons cache or destroy it, build a bridge or prevent it from being built, escort a tank or stop the tank. Honestly, I cannot believe how much fun this mode was! My favorite of the sections has to be building the bridge, it is just so tense and you have to either play as a guy giving cover or you can go and try to build the bridge, which never lasts long as you always get shot! It is just how much of the bridge you can build before you get killed that matters.

I have read some people make a comparison to Overwatch and that is a good way to look at this mode and I did get that same kind of vibe if I am honest, you protect the payload or take over the room being replaced with protecting a tank and taking over a weapons cache.

There was only the one part you could play in the beta, but I am very excited to see what other scenarios Activision have in store for us in WAR mode.

If you have gotten a bit bored with the same old game modes in Call Of Duty, WAR mode is just what you need to get you excited about the series again. Thanks to this mode, I have not been this excited for a Call Of Duty release in years!

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