Thoughts On The New Model Of Nintendo Switch

Thoughts On The New Model Of Nintendo Switch

In case you did not know it is widely reported that there is going to be a new version of the Nintendo Switch released at some point in 2019. To be honest this is not all that surprising as Nintendo usually do release a newer version of their hardware. Sometimes it is just a color swap in the case of the Wii U and N64 other times the whole body of the console changes like the SNES 2, 3DS and the Wii Mini. 

So what can we expect from the second version of the Nintendo Switch? Not much has been “leaked” but it seems like the major changes are going to be in regards to the screen. I do not have a problem with the screen already on it, to be honest with you, but the aim appears to have a screen that is lighter and more energy efficient like you get on a phone. 

So why are we getting a Nintendo Switch 2? Well, this is what Nintendo has always done, even their NES had a newer top-loading version of it. the Nintendo Switch sold like hotcakes, but it has slowed down a little so this new version of the hardware might be just what it needs. 

I do not think we are going to see this for a while though. Nintendo has just released Super Mario Party and they have two Pokémon games and a new Smash Bros, both of which have their own exclusive Nintendo Switch dock. So I do not think Nintendo will want to rock that boat. I also do not think we will see it announced right away as if they announce a new model coming in 2019 it might make some people not bother picking one up this holiday season. 

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