Thoughts On Pre Order Content In Games

Thoughts On Pre Order Content In Games

Ok, so I am putting my old man hat on today as I talk about pre order content in video games. Let me start with by saying I hate the way that content in games these days is locked behind a pre order. A couple of examples of this for me are WWE 2K18 and Dragonball Fighter Z where in order to play as certain characters, you have to pre order the game! I have had this happen to me time and time again, content locked behind a pre order (although some of it does become available via DLC later) that forces you to pre order a game if you want the complete experience.

Many years ago pre ordering was not really a thing. I remember it coming to during the days of the PlayStation and the Nintendo 64. During the 16-bit era, I do not even remember pre ordering being a thing. But the first time I noticed it was with Final Fantasy VII. A local store here in the UK was giving away a free 3rd party controller if you pre ordered Final Fantasy VII from them. That was the first time I remember a specific store offering you’re an incentive to pre order from them.

But the real pre order bonuses that I remember and loved were physical items for certain games. The two examples I want to give are both wrestling games. First one is WWF Attitude, here in the UK if you got the game from Electronics Boutique they would give you a WWF Rumble Pack for pre ordering. WWF Smackdown 2 on the PlayStation if you were to pre order it, you got a pretty cool WWF t shirt. These are two great examples of pre order content that is a nice little bonus that does not leave anyone out as those who do not pre order are not missing out on any in game content.

These days some games do in fact come with a t-shirt, a poster or some other kind of special item, but most of the time this is part of some collector’s edition! Some stores will still throw you a bone when it comes to pre ordering, but for the most part, it is some kind of in game item or character that you will get. To be honest here in the UK, Nintendo is probably the best when it comes to giving you physical items when you pre order!

I would love to know what you guys thoughts on pre order bonuses are. Do you like in game content? Or do you prefer to get something physical as a reward?

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