There Is Still Life Left In Call Of Duty WWII

There Is Still Life Left In Call Of Duty WWII

I read a recent article over at Kotaku where they were talking about how it has been a year since Call Of Duty WWII was released. While most of us have eyes on the upcoming Call Of Duty Black Ops IIII. Call Of Duty WWII is not ready to give up the mantle just yet and they have a fun Halloween Themed community event. 

The Halloween event is called Halloween Scream and it adds new weapons, camo and so on that, you would expect with a COD event. However, the coolest thing about this community event is that they are bringing back two fantastic game modes. First one is Relic Of The Dead. In this mode, you need to find a severed head, grab it, keep hold of it and earn the soul.  

The other game mode is Hordepoint. That is right I said Hordepoint. This is a fun zombie take on the mode Hardpoint. The idea is the same where you need to take over parts of the map. What makes this different is that as well as watching your opponents fire, you also have the undead to deal with as there are zombies all over the map. Sometimes you get lucky and they go after your opponents. Sometimes it goes the other way and as you are trying to take a point you have to deal with the enemy as well as zombies.  

I had a great year with Call Of Duty WWII. It featured a blockbuster single player campaign, great multiplayer maps, the best zombies mode so far and the DLC was great. Sledgehammer Games have supported the game incredibly well with regular community events and I am surprised that they have given us another one, considering that Black Ops IIII is so close. 

Call Of Duty WWII is one of the best games in the series and while Black Ops IIII is nearly here. I honestly think that WWII has more than enough content to make it a worthwhile purchase, even if you just play through the campaign. 

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