The Walking Dead The Final Season Coming This August

The Walking Dead The Final Season Coming This August

TellTale Games have just announced that the final season of their Walking Dead series of adventure games will be released on August 14th on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and then at a later date the Nintendo Switch.

This is going to be the end of Clementine’s story. She went from a scared young girl into a survivor and  I am very excited to finish off her story. TellTale have said that the game is going to change things up a bit as it is going to have a bit of a different art style, camera system, and new combat.

One thing that is pretty cool is that if your pre order the game (the whole season which is four episodes and is currently listed at 20 bucks) you also get access to the past three seasons of The Walking Dead as well as the Michonne and 400 Days stories. I think this is pretty awesome and a great way for people to catch up. I think that this deal is only on console though so be sure to look into it more.

I freaking loved the first two seasons of Tell Tale Games The Walking Dead. It was one of the most emotional experiences I have ever experienced it and I have played through it a few different times. One of the most interesting things about it is that when I have replayed it, I do so with the intent on picking different options, but there are somethings in the game that I simply cannot do, such as abandon Kenny!

The third season was not quite as good in my opinion. It was not bad, but I felt that they tried to push Clementine to the side a little bit, but the new characters really did not interest me much at all.

While I will pre order the game, most likely on Xbox One. The Walking Dead is a series where I wait for all of its parts to be released before I jump in. I did this with the first game, second and the third. While it is hard to avoid spoilers, I find that these games as good as they are, are even better when you can binge play them. I will probably play through the first three parts again to get myself pumped up for it.

The Walking Dead The Final Season is just a couple of months away and I think that pre-ordering it as you get all the past seasons is a fantastic deal.

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