The Unfair Microtransactions Of Black Ops IIII

The Unfair Microtransactions Of Black Ops IIII

Let me start this by saying that Call of Duty Black Ops IIII is one of the best games of the year for me. I have had a blast with it and even with the lack of a campaign, Treyarch and Activision have knocked it out of the park and I have really enjoyed my time with it.

We all knew that Microtransactions were going to be part of Black Ops IIII. It is an Activision game after all. However, with all the good that has come from Black Ops IIII. Many players are not happy with the rather sleazy way that Microtransactions are being handled in Black Ops IIII, especially in regards to their latest offering.

A new Fall Firearms Special Order has been added to Call of Duty Black Ops IIII. It has 13 tiers for you to get through and the main thing you will be working to getting are the two weapons skins. One for the Strife Pistol and the other for Maddox Assault Rifle. These are purely cosmetic so there is not any benefit to getting them other than they look cool.

What is the harm with this you are asking? Well in order to take part in this and earn these skins (and other items) you have to pay 2000 COD points which is like 20 bucks! The progression is painfully slow so you are going to have to invest a lot of time to get these or you can pay more money to move up tiers. The whole thing comes across as a very unfair cash grab on Activision's part and the COD community is not happy.

Some will argue that Fortnite does this with their Battle Pass. Ok, that is fair, but Fortnite is also free to play! Black Ops IIII is a full retail game, events like this should not require players to spend 20 bucks to take part. If you want to charge them to move up tiers faster I can get with that, but not actually playing an extra 20 bucks on top of the game just to take part.

Call of Duty Black Ops IIII is a fantastic game and you can have a great time with it without spending a penny and that is what I intend to do.

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