The Perils Of The Pre Order!

The Perils Of The Pre Order!

Game Stop is once again in the news for all the wrong reasons for canceling pre-orders for the limited edition PlayStation 4 Kingdom Hears Pro console. This is not the first time this has happened and Game Stop are not the only people who are guilty of this.

I have lost count the number of times I have been in a video game store (not naming any names, but you know who!) and I have been harassed to pre order a game. Usually, they throw some kind of incentive your way. It can be a poster, limited edition steel book, a figure, t-shirt, and other stuff.

As a collector, this always gets me excited and I 9/10 am happy to put down my deposit so that I get the pre order bonus. I can honestly say that it is close to 50/50 for how many times I have walked into a certain game store with my pre order only to be told that they have run out of posters, figures or whatever it is! It is so frustrating and annoying to deal with, especially because the whole reason I pre-ordered the game from that particular store was to get the pre order bonus.

My breaking point was a Castlevania game on the Nintendo DS. I went in to get my special pre order box, they said they only got four in for 12 pre-orders! How does that make any sense, if you knew you were only getting four in why keep asking people to pre order it. Rather than give them the money, I asked for my deposit back and went and purchased the game elsewhere.

I do this all the time now if I get screwed around with a pre order bonus. The sad thing is that only the major game store chain gets these cool pre order bonus. To be fair I have never been let down by Amazon or Nintendo when I have pre-ordered something that has a pre order bonus!

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