The Debacle That Is The SNES Mini Classic Pre Order

The Debacle That Is The SNES Mini Classic Pre Order

I was one of the few who was lucky enough to get an NES Mini Classic. The only reason I was, was that I had zero faith in Nintendo and as soon as they were announced I checked Amazon every day and managed to pre order one way back in July. I think many people assumed they would be able to just walk into a store and buy one and to be fair why would they not think this?

Well, the answer to that question is Nintendo! I have been playing Nintendo since 1989, I love Nintendo, but man they make it so hard to do so these days. The situation with the SNES Mini Classic is even worse than the NES. The NES, you could argue that they were caught with their pants down and did not anticipate the demand (although why they are not still pumping these things out is just insane to me) but they now know there is a real thirst for a product like this and yet again they have dropped the ball!

Here in the UK the SNES Mini Classic has been available for pre order for a few months and I was lucky enough to snag one, although I am fifth on the list I am not 100 percent confident I will get one as even though Nintendo has said production will be greatly increased over the NES Mini Classic, I have zero reasons to take them at their word.

Anyway, in the USA, the SNES Mini Classic just went live for pre order (not counting the mess that Walmart did) the other day and wow what a shock, within minutes they are all gone and a ton are being scalped on eBay already!

What the heck is wrong with Nintendo? Why should fans have to jump through hoops to get one of these? Why have they not produced just millions and millions of these SNES Mini Classics and even started production again on the NES Mini Classic, it is completely insane and despite the billions that Nintendo is worth, shareholders have to be asking, why are they leaving all this money on the table with these retro consoles?

The only people who win in the situation that we have with the NES Mini Classic and the SNES Mini Classic are the scalpers. The fans do not win as they have to jump through hoops to get one, get really stressed out if their pre order will be honored and in general the whole build up to getting one of these could not be any less fun. Nintendo does not win as they could easily sell 2,3,4 maybe even 5 times the amount they are offering and make a ton more money, not to mention get some good faith and feelings from their fans. But the scalpers? Oh, you better believe that they win as they are able to flip these things for as much as 4 times their face value!

I love Nintendo, but they are making it harder and harder to do so.

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