Starcraft Remastered Looks Awesome!

Starcraft Remastered Looks Awesome!

Hello my fellow gamers. Today I want to talk about something I cannot believe more people are not freaking out and are super excited about and that is the announcement that Blizzard are putting out Starcraft Remastered.

Me and Starcraft actually go way back. I grew up a console gamer so my exposure to RTS games was very, very limited. But then came Starcraft 64 and I was very interested in how magazines (yes I am old get over it) at the time made a big deal about this huge PC game coming to the Nintendo 64. The art style was what really pulled me into the game and also as it was not a genre of game I had much if any experience in I started saving up right away so I could get it.

I actually had a lot of fun with Starcraft 64. Sure some of you will be turning your nose up saying it is not as good as the PC original, but as a guy who had nothing to compare it to. I had a blast with Starcraft 64. It was probably my relationship with Starcraft 64 that made me find watching pro Starcraft II tournaments many years later so much fun.
Anyway this was announced just a couple of days ago and I was in as soon as I read it and saw the trailer. The game is going to support 4K which is pretty cool as I just a few months ago got a 4K TV. I am very excited to see how this turns out. The core gameplay is not actually going to change as Blizzard have come out and said that this is more of a cosmetic remaster than a full on one and I am cool with that. Included with this is The Brood War expansion so you can play the full campaign. Of course there is online play and that is something that will excite many of you, but for me I am cool just playing the campaign and then maybe dabbling a little bit in online where I will probably get destroyed!
Blizzard have said the game will be out sometime in the summer and that it will be free to play which is the only thing that makes me a little nervous about it.

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