Star Wars Battlefront II Officially Announced

Star Wars Battlefront II Officially Announced

Ok so even though this was “officially announced” just the other day. We all knew this was coming. I find it funny when things we all know are happening are officially announced. Anyway I was still excited to see EA come out and let us know that around the time of Star Wars Celebration (middle of April) we can expect to see a trailer and get more info about the game.

I had a lot of fun with Star Wars Battlefront. I know that too many people were hung up on the fact it was not the Battlefront they wanted back on the original Xbox and PS2. But for me personally, I had a ton of fun with Star Wars Battlefront. The game looked fantastic and the Hoth levels in particular are still some of the best graphics I have seen from the Playstation 4. The Death Star DLC they did was just flat out awesome and if you bought Star Wars Battlefront at launch, but lost interest quickly they I cannot recommend the Death Star DLC highly enough. It is well worth the ten bucks or however much it is going for these days.

Speaking of that, that was kind of my problem with the first Star Wars Battlefront (well not the first one, the reboot, but you get my point) at launch there was just not enough in the actual game. The DLC they added was fantastic, but it was pretty damn expensive for a game that was already full price and did not have a ton of content on the disc. I think this turned many people off Battlefront as they got bored of it quickly.

I really, really hope that EA will fix this for the sequel. I am pretty hopeful that they will as they surely have learned from the somewhat mixed response of the first Battlefront game. As much as I enjoyed playing Battlefront online there was not enough to do on your own or even with a buddy in split screen co-op. They did add a few more offline modes after the launch of Battlefront, but it was too little too late.

There is a rumor that there will be some kind of single player campaign with Star Wars Battlefront II and that is something I am very excited about. So far, Star Wars Battlefront II is the shooter I am most excited for in 2017 which is kind of crazy when we really do not know anything about it. But as I said I enjoyed the first game and I am sure this one will be fun too!

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