Spyro The Dragon Is Back

Spyro The Dragon Is Back

I think for some people who have only known Spyro as one of the Skylanders it is pretty mind blowing to hear how much of a big deal he was back in the day. Well, he is about to be a big deal once again as his first three games are getting remastered in a similar way the Crash Bandicoot games were in 2017.

Spyro The Dragon started life out as a PlayStation exclusive and those first three games along with the Crash Bandicoot games really did help cement the PlayStation as that generations console of choice for a lot of gamers. 

Since those days, Spyro found his way onto pretty much every console and handheld under the sun, before becoming the star and then just one of the crew in the Skylanders series. Many people felt that the days of Spyro getting his own game to star in were long over.

Activision is the team behind this and so far, we know that this is coming to PlayStation 4. You can actually already play the old school Spyro games on the PlayStation 3, but Vita and PS4 support were never offered for these games. 

From what I have read, this is a one year exclusivity deal and in 2019, gamers should expect to see the Spyro The Dragon Trilogy on other platforms. It is actually rumored that the Crash Bandicoot Trilogy that was released on PlayStation 4 in 2017 is going to be released on other formats in 2018. 

This is some pretty exciting news as those first three Spyro games were exciting, fun and very well made 3D action platformers and with a lick of HD paint, I am sure they are going to wow a whole new generation. Something else I find interesting about this news is that does this mean that the Skylanders series is now officially dead?

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