Sony Is Allowing Fortnite Cross Play!

Sony Is Allowing Fortnite Cross Play!

In some pretty shocking news. The folks at Sony have decided that they are not going to sit all by themselves in the park and that they are going to play nice with everyone else.

Sony announced that they are allowing full console cross play with Fortnite Battle Royale and it is in beta right now. This means that PlayStation 4 Fortnite players can play with Xbox One and Nintendo Switch players.

It is great news for sure, but you have to wonder what was the thing that made Sony finally crack and say “ok we are in”? Sony is by a large margin number one this console generation. If you ask me number one should never acknowledge number two and especially number three so I can kind of see why they chose to ignore the competition. I have a hard time believing that Microsoft would have been all super happy to play with Nintendo had they had the lions share of the console market.

In all honesty the reason why does not matter, but it has got me thinking about the future of cross play for Sony. Surely they are not going to allow it just for Fortnite Battle Royale? It would be awesome if they allowed full console cross play with anything. Just imagine being able to play games like Fifa 19, Overwatch, Call Of Duty Black Ops IIII and more with even more people. In theory, it should make getting into a game much easier and quicker and that is something that interests me greatly as sometimes it can take an age to get a game of Overwatch on Xbox One.

I am pleased that Sony has done this and am very interested to see what the future holds for cross play between the three platforms. 

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