Shouldn’t 60 Bucks Be Enough?

Shouldn’t 60 Bucks Be Enough?

Today I want to talk to you about something that is now so ingrained into our video games that we just take it as it is, accept it and in some cases even look forward to it. What I am talking about is being asked to pay more money once you have already put down that initial 60 bucks or however much a brand new game is.

Getting some extra story content for a game you enjoy is not a bad thing, paying an extra ten bucks to get a couple extra hours of story is not a bad thing at all. But what I hate and I mean really hate is things like DLC character and micro transactions.

Let’s take a recent game that I played and loved, Injustice 2. This is an incredible game, best fighting game of 2017 by a mile for me. But before the game was even released they were asking for more money so that you could play as the upcoming DLC characters! Call me crazy, but if they are asking for that money before the game is released in the form of a “season pass” then surely these characters have always been planned to be part of the game so why have they been held back? Why not wait an extra month or so and fully implement them into the game? Back in the day, extra characters would be something you would unlock, now you have to open your wallet to get them.

Injustice 2, of course, is not the only game that does this, plenty of others do. Asking you to buy a season pass so you can enjoy the full game experience. “it is how developers make money” was an argument I once heard for aggressive use of DLC. But to me that makes no sense. If you are not turning a profit on your game without the DLC, your company has some serious problems and needs to think about how they make games, rather than expecting us to give you an extra 20 bucks.

I want to move away from retail games for a moment and look at micro transactions in free to play games. If the game is free what right do I have to complain? That is a fair point and I do have a buddy who loves to play free to play games. He will play them until he can get as far as he can until he needs to spend money and then he is done. This is cool and I can see the appeal there. But what I hate is when games ask you to spend money and that money is never enough.

I was addicted to The Simpsons Tapped Out for a while. So much that I nearly made the jump and bought some in game currency which was donuts. At the time the highest amount of donuts you could buy was £75 (I am from the UK) I was so tempted until I realized that if I did put down this £75 that would still not be enough to see all that the game offered!!!! How insane is that? People will try and justify it, but to me, if a game has an option for you to spend 75 pounds that should be enough to see the whole game!

Playing video games is my main hobby and I love to do it, but I just hate how we are in a state where DLC, micro transactions, and publishers asking for an extra buck for every little thing is the norm these days.

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