Should you buy a nintendo switch?

Should you buy a nintendo switch?

We’ve finally seen the Nintendo Switch in action over the past week and now it’s time to finally decide whether to buy the Nintendo Switch or not. The details that have emerged in the past few days have undecided people going back and forth on whether they should buy the Nintendo Switch right now or buy it after a year or even buy it at all. Yes, the new Nintendo Switch seems like a completely new piece of tech and is selling incredibly well, but that doesn’t mean it’s bound to be a success. We’ve seen Nintendo take innovative risks with their products before and they haven’t always turned out that good. So should you buy the Nintendo Switch? Let’s Find Out!

Should Buy The Nintendo Switch If You Already Have A Console?

If you already have an Xbox One or PS4 and have some more money to spend buying a Nintendo Switch depends entirely on your gaming preference. A major advantage Nintendo Switch has over other consoles is that it can be used as a portable gaming console as well as a traditional console. So if you are someone that wants something to pass their time while they commute to work or travel a lot buying a Nintendo Switch will certainly make your travels a bit more enjoyable. If you don’t like playing games while you travel then buying Nintendo Switch as a portable console is not worth your time.

As Your Main Gaming Console?

As far as purchasing a Nintendo Switch rather than a PS4 or Xbox One goes to replace your main gaming console, Nintendo Switch is not a reasonable option. Nintendo Switch both in terms of physical hardware and games is way behind the Xbox One and PS4. Nintendo Switch was designed as an innovative approach to handheld gaming however because of its mobile-oriented Nvidia Tegra GPU the processing power and graphics are incomparable to the PS4 or Xbox One, much less the PS4 Pro, and particularly a gaming PC. Additionally, even the number of games available and upcoming releases are far too scarce to consider it as a primary gaming console.

So Why Should You Buy The Nintendo Switch?

The simple and biggest reason why you should buy the Nintendo Switch is the games, to be more precise “First Party Games”. First party games are games developed by Nintendo these include games like Super Mario, Zelda and Splatoon. Nintendo is launching the Switch with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the WilD which is the latest installment in the Legend of Zelda series as well as having announced a fair number of First Party Games which include new titles like Splatoon 2, Mario Kart 8 & a New Super Mario game that is in complete 3D. The Nintendo Switch is a must buy for any Nintendo fan but if you aren’t a big fan or Nintendo games then Nintendo Switch is definitely not the gaming console you need for hardcore gaming.

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