Rocket League Coming To Switch

Rocket League Coming To Switch

Ok so this has been known for a while and I have already talked about Rocket League on here before, but damn it, I freaking love Rocket League! I actually have the game for PS4 and Xbox One (yes I have a problem) and I will certainly be picking it up for the Switch.

The reason for this is that Rocket League is one of my favorite games of the past few years and the Switch version is getting exclusive Nintendo content! I think that Psyonix has been more than fair with the way they handle DLC in Rocket League and I have thrown them a couple of bucks for their Batmobile and DeLorean skins, but the Nintendo one is taking things to a whole new level.

What we know for sure is that there is going to be a Mario, Luigi and Samus car! That is just so awesome and has me in right away. I really hope that they add in some kind of special Nintendo mode as well, that would be tremendous. A mode where the ball is a Koopa Shell maybe? Or perhaps in Hockey, the puck could be a giant coin? I really cannot wait to see what else they have planned as there is no way that they are going to just leave it at these three cars.

The Mario car is going to be for those on the Orange Team and Luigi is the Blue Team. The Samus Car (which is one of the most badass looking Rocket League cars) can be used on any team. Each of the Nintendo cars will also have its own boost trail. Samus has a Wave Beam whereas Mario & Luigi have a Super Star trail!

I really should not be this excited for a game that I already own twice and have put a ton of hours into, but I really am looking forward to being able to play Rocket League on the go!

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