Resident Evil Revelations Collection For Switch Is Great!

Resident Evil Revelations Collection For Switch Is Great!

I know that I talk about the Nintendo Switch a lot, but the first year of the consoles life has been fantastic. So many great games have been released and now another one has, Resident Evil Revelations Collection from Capcom.

Now I know you may be saying “ugh another port?” but this is a port that is well worth the price of admission. To start with you get both Resident Evil Revelations 1 and 2 and 2 is jam packed with all the DLC. Both games look fantastic on the Switch and the frame rate holds up for both games.

One of the interesting things about these games for the Switch is that you can play local co-op with just the two joy cons. Is it perfect? Well no and using the ZL and ZR buttons to aim your shots is not perfect, but you get used to it. If you have two sets of joy cons or even a pro controller, I would go as far to say that playing through these games with a buddy by your side is one of the best multiplayer experiences on the Nintendo Switch so far. Resident Evil Revelations to also has a really fun online mode that is pretty much a Raid mode, you can also play this locally if you like.

2017 has been a great first year for the Nintendo Switch and I honestly think that Resident Evil Revelations Collection for the Nintendo Switch is one of the best packages. You are getting two awesome games (although I do prefer the first one) a lot of DLC and some awesome multiplayer action. If you have a Nintendo Switch, I honestly feel this is a game you have to consider picking up.

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