PES 2019 Gets Celtic Special Edition

PES 2019 Gets Celtic Special Edition

I am a huge football fan. I grew up in Scotland and had Glasgow Rangers season ticket for 9 years. While I think that Fifa has been the go-to football game for the last decade. I do still have a soft spot for PES and remember spending an ungodly amount of time playing Pro Evolution Soccer 3 back in the day. Well, Konami has just announced that PES 2019 is getting a special edition…… based on Glasgow Celtic.

In case you do not know Glasgow Celtic are the current best team in Scotland. As a Glasgow Rangers fan that pains me to say that, but it is fact. It is no secret that Konami has taken a beating as far as licenses go, but they have managed to secure the rights to the Scottish Premiership. 

Konami has said that all 12 teams with their correct kits and players will be in the game. However, there is no word on if the stadiums or if the league splitting into two towards the end of the season will be included. If these things are not included I have to ask what is the point? Fifa has had the SPFL for years with the teams and kits, but not the stadiums so if Konami, put the stadiums in I could see why they would make a big deal about having the rights to the Scottish Premiership.

As the current champions, Celtic are getting their own special edition of the game which will include exclusive DLC. No word on what this is, but I would assume it is going to be legendary players. Also, Celtic Park will be added to the game as DLC which makes me think the rest of the SPFL teams will not get their official stadiums. Only 1000 copies of the PES 2019 Special Celtic Edition are going to be available so this is a true limited edition. 

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