Overwatch's new Character

Overwatch's new Character
Overwatch's new hero, Ana, is presently on the test servers and by tho looks of it, she's damn amusing to play.

Ana is a bolster expert sharpshooter, or a sniper if you're not that overeager as me. The simple context — an expert rifleman who shoots individuals in the head with affection and graciousness—is hilariously ridiculous, a flawless case of how Overwatch snatches stone-confronted first-individual shooter tropes and swings them to silly gold. The way Ana spaces into the amusement's general biological system, notwithstanding, that takes her from fun idea to awesome character.

While Overwatch's other observable pathway based healer, Mercy, can essentially just mend OR do (pitiful) damage at any given minute, Ana consistently does both. Popping off shots with your marksman rifle? In the event that you hit a fellow team member, you recuperate. In the event that you condense the brains/guts/robot/robot's pet winged creature of an adversary, you do harm. Hurling your projectile? Same arrangement, yet with a decent buff to mending for companions and a provisional piece on recuperating for enemies. You've likewise got a rest dart to relieve separation shutting and escape from lacking elbow room experiences.

At that point there's Ana's ult, which turbo charges a partner of your decision. Nano Boost makes them move speedier, bargain altogether more harm (50 percent, I accept), and take less harm. Wanna leave the other group strewn over the war zone like so much celebratory confetti? Coordinate ults with Genji and relish the way that your adversaries will revile your name as they nod off and tumble through dull dreams.

There are a few things about Ana that I'm not 100 percent on. She can be really hard to wrap your head around at first. In case you're not both an average expert sharpshooter and a great split-second chief, you hazard being dead weight for your group.

Similarly as with Widowmaker, an inadequately played Ana doesn't consume up significant room on the front/mid line. In some ways, your group would advantage increasingly on the off chance that you were truly any other person. All things considered, Ana can hit partners in the head or body and still recuperate them, and her hitbox is preposterously liberal.

Ana does not have Widowmaker's versatility and hostile abilities, and I'm not certain on the off chance that she'll have the capacity to rival Mercy as an unadulterated healer, however she sits serenely between the two. She's hecka fulfilling to play, and her weapons store of capacities meets up with a polish that gives a false representation of exactly what number of alternatives she has at any given minute.

We'll have to see how she comes out of test servers but by the looks of it, she's gonna be one of the most fun characters to play in the game!

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