Overwatch And Lego Joining Forces Is Awesome

Overwatch And Lego Joining Forces Is Awesome

As well as being a video game collector I also love to pick up other bits of merch for my favorite games. Apart from Funko Pops and t-shirts, Overwatch has kind of been lacking in the merch department. Well not anymore! We know that they have a deal with Nerf and now we know that the first set in their Lego Overwatch series is Bastion.

I do know that for a short while this is exclusive to the Blizzard online store and Blizzcon, but I thought it may have shown up at retail now too. Quite a few people have reviewed this set online and people seem to be really happy about it. 

At only 25 bucks I think this is a great price. It is not like a “toy” Bastion stands at around five inches tall and he looks awesome. He even comes on a really neat little stand that I hope future figures come with.

Bastion would not be Bastion without his little buddy Ganymede. Interestingly Lego has gone for his orange skin which is from the Omnic Crisis. So I am thinking that maybe this Omnic Crisis version of Bastion is going to stay a Blizzard exclusive and when Bastion is released at retail he will have his default skin.

I am very excited to see what else comes from this Lego Overwatch line. Blizzard has shown a Tracer Lego mini figure and they did do a video that also had a Lego McCree, Genji, Soldier 76, Mercy, and Widowmaker so I would assume that there is some kind of Lego Overwatch playsets and mini figure blind bags coming.

As soon as Bastion hits retail, you better believe that I am going to pick him up. I think he will look awesome in any game room. 

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