Overwatch 2018 Anniversary Event Shows Why It Is So Much Fun

Overwatch 2018 Anniversary Event Shows Why It Is So Much Fun

By the time you read this, the Overwatch 2018 Anniversary Event will have been live for two days. Of course, there are some fancy new skins for you to try and get. However, the big draw for me is the inclusion of allowing us to try and get skins from past events. So if you wished that you could have gotten the Witch Mercy skin from last year’s Halloween event, but the event came and went and you had no luck, well now you can!

While being able to get the skins from past events is really cool. What I am loving about this event is how Blizzard is bringing back past game modes. As of writing, we have had two, first up was Lucio Ball. Now I will be honest, I suck as Lucio Ball, but it was fun to be able to play it for a day…. Did I say day? Well yes, I did because that has since been replaced by Junkensteins Revenge. I freaking love Junkensteins Revenge and getting the chance to play it again just confirms that. So far I have played at least 10 games of it and I plan on playing a load more this evening before it goes away.

Which I am assuming it will tomorrow. What the next game mode they will add is, I have no idea, but I have heard a rumor that Mei’s Snowball Fight is going to be the next one. While it is not as much fun as Junkensteins Revenge, it is still a mode I enjoy.

I think Blizzard has done a great job with this Anniversary Event. Not only have they added a new map and of course skins. They have also brought back many of the things that we have all loved about Overwatch in the past. 

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