Nintendo Unveil Their Nintendo Switch Online Service

Nintendo Unveil Their Nintendo Switch Online Service

We all knew that Nintendo had a paid online service in the pipeline, it was originally going to launch last year, but now Nintendo is ready to roll this thing out.

To start with the price is great, 20 bucks for a whole year is not bad at all and works out at under a couple of bucks a month. The big draw that has gotten people excited is the ability to save your games save progress online. I think this is actually pretty neat and anyone who has put tons of hours into Breath Of The Wild and Mario Odyssey is sure to take advantage of this.

As well as this Nintendo is giving you 20 classic games to enjoy with online functionality. The games are the usual suspects, The Legend Of Zelda, Mario 3, Donkey Kong and Dr. Mario to name a few….. yawn! This may sound harsh, but I have played this games so many times before and worse than that many I own the original cartridge, but as well as this I have a couple of these games on Virtual Console (which is not coming to Switch) and the NES Classic! Sure the idea that you can play online with friends is interesting, but many of these games are not co-op at the same time. 

Online gaming is great, but Nintendo allows you to chat with your friends is the most convoluted way imaginable. I have no desire to jump through Nintendo’s hoops to chat with someone online at all. My phone should not have to be an integral part of my Nintendo Switch online experience.

I know I am sounding negative here, but I do not think the service is bad, the under two bucks a month for the online cloud storage is probably going to be enough to win many people over, but the whole service is just so underwhelming. Maybe a huge reason for this is how long it has taken them to roll it out..


I would love to know what other people’s thoughts on the Nintendo Switch Online service are in the comments section down below. 

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