Nintendo Announces Mario Kart Tour For Mobile!

Nintendo Announces Mario Kart Tour For Mobile!

Nintendo recently made a few announcements, by far the one that really caught my eye was that Mario Kart is coming to mobile devices! They also announced that it will be Illumination that handles the Super Mario movie, but it was this announcement of Mario Kart Tour that has gotten many people excited.

Nintendo gave next to no details about Mario Kart Tour. All we know is that it is going to be released by March of 2019. Nintendo has had a lot of success with Pokémon Go, Super Mario Run, and Animal Crossing and with Mario Kart (and Zelda which is on the way) Nintendo is really going for the mobile audience big time. 

There have been many mobile racing games over the years and some are actually pretty good so I am confident that Nintendo could make a fun Mario Kart game for mobile devices. The big question is in regards to how much content are we going to get? If Nintendo comes out and say the base Mario Kart Tour is going to cost ten bucks, but for that ten bucks you get all of the content that is available at launch, you can count me in right away.

However, if this is a game where it is “free” but then I have to pay two bucks here to unlock Bowser JR, another two bucks to play as Boo or 99 cents to get a pack of Red Shells, I think that would really take a lot of the fun away. I think having some kind of free mode where you can only play as Mario and take part in one Mario Kart GP is a good idea. But rather than nickel and diming people, I think Nintendo would have far more success charging more up front for the full game.

I am very excited to hear more about Mario Kart Tour and look forward to being able to play against my friends and family when I am at work! 

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