Nintendo 64 Classic Leaked?

Nintendo 64 Classic Leaked?

Many of us have been expecting Nintendo to make some kind of announcement regarding the Nintendo 64 Classic sooner than later. Many felt that as we got the NES Classic in 2016, the SNES Classic in 2017 that 2018 would be the year of the Nintendo 64 Classic.

Well, it has not quite worked out that way and maybe that is because Sony surprised Nintendo by announcing the PlayStation Classic out of nowhere?

Anyway, we have all seen the patent that Nintendo filled a while back for an N64 Controller. A patent that looked just like the NES and SNES Classic style of showing the controller. Well, now online there are some images that have supposedly been leaked out of Nintendo floating around that showcase the body of the Nintendo 64 Classic.

Now, please note that this has not been confirmed as being true, but if it is fake it is a very well done fake. Not only that it does have many things in common with the SNES Classic. To start with the front of the console pulls out which then reveals the controller ports which are exactly the same as the ones on the SNES Classic. This time though there are four which is awesome as the N64 was all about four player gaming.

The attention to detail such as the little expansion pack port is just like how the SNES Classic has its eject button. There is also a photo of the bottom of the console that showcases the same kind of legal mumbo jumbo as the SNES Classic.

Also, it is worth noting that the hardware which is powering the SNES Classic is actually powerful enough to emulate Nintendo 64 games. So really all Nintendo has to do is make a new casing and a controller. Hopefully, more news will flow now thanks to this “leak” If I were a betting man I would say that this will release around the Springtime. 

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