New God Of War Game Is In The Works

New God Of War Game Is In The Works

I have only just beaten the Valkyrie Queen in this year’s God Of War game and there is news that the next game in the series is being worked on! God Of War is one of the best games of 2018 and is sure to be a contender for many games of the year awards.

The reason there is talk of the next game in the series already being in development is because of a job opportunity at Sony’s Santa Monica studio. They are looking for a senior character concept artist. This job listing does not say what the game is, but it does make mention of historical and mythological characters. So it does not take a rocket scientist or someone with the smarts of Mimir to figure out it is a new God Of War game.

The PlayStation 2 had two God Of War games released for it with God Of War 2 coming quite late in the systems life. The PlayStation 3 had two exclusive God Of War games, God Of War 3 and God Of War Ascension. In addition to this, the PlayStation 3 also got two God Of War collections one having both PlayStation 2 games and the other having the PSP games. Speaking of the PSP, that would get God Of War Ghost Of Sparta and God Of War Chains Of Olympus. 

God Of War took the series in a whole new direction. Without spoiling that game you have to wonder what is going to come of Kratos and Atreus? Odin is bound to want some revenge and of course, there is that little bit of trouble they have with the Witch Of The Woods!

You have to wonder if the next game in the God Of War series is going to make it on the PlayStation 4 or if Sony plans to have it as one of the first big titles for the PlayStation 5. 

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