NBA Jam: He’s On Fire!

NBA Jam: He’s On Fire!

Hey guys no breaking news today. Today I just wanted to talk about one of my favorite game franchises, NBA Jam. I was a huge basketball fan in the 90’s and I loved NBA Jam.
Actually I think people who did not even really care for basketball, loved NBA Jam!
It took all the things that made basketball exciting and cool and got rid of the rules that some people find complicated. Plus it added some over the top dunks and stuff that really put the game over the edge.

The first two games are classics, NBA Jam and NBA Jam T.E were (and still are) freaking awesome games. I think I actually prefer the original though, especially the Sega Mega Drive (Genesis for my American friends) version of the game. One thing that this series does not get enough credit for is NBA Hang Time on the Nintendo 64. I know this game was ported to other systems, but for me the N64 version of NBA Hang Time was close to arcade perfect and I felt it was a very good extension to the series. I remember when this game came out it got terrible reviews! But it seems like now people have come around and realized that it is just as much fun as the original NBA Jam.

Midway actually released a couple more arcade style basketball games that I really enjoyed. NBA Showtime was even more over the top and at the time I thought the Dreamcast character models were incredible…. Looking back now they are not quite so special. This was followed by a game called NBA Hoopz which offered 3 on 3 arcade style action. To me adding the third player on the court was a huge mistake as the court now felt really small. NBA Hoopz was not a bad game and actually it was the first NBA game I bought for the Playstation 2, but by this point the formula had started to wear a little thin and for me personally that third player kind of killed my interest in the game.

These days, EA own the NBA Jam name and they have made a couple of games. The first one they did was on the Wii which was a fun game, but of course they had to give it stupid motion controls. There was a downloadable game for Xbox 360 and PS3 called NBA Jam On Fire Edition and this game was great. Modern rosters, fantastic graphics, more strategy than you would think and a great road trip single player campaign. It had everything I ever wanted in a game. Except having to connect to the damn servers every time you want to play. Even if you wanted to play it single player! This was not a quick thing either it could sometimes take a few minutes!
I loved this series and I do hope that EA make a new NBA Jam, but without all the online BS. I would love hear what other people’s favorite games in the series are.

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