My Weekend With The SNES Classic Mini

My Weekend With The SNES Classic Mini

At just after 9 am on Friday after I took my son to school. I jumped in my car and hightailed it to my local game store to pick up…. Fifa 18! Well, that as well as the SNES Classic Mini. I had this thing pre ordered for a couple of months and despite reassurances from the people in the game store. I was not 100 percent sold that Nintendo would come through for me. But they did and I wanted to share my thoughts on the system.

To start with it looks really cool. I love the design of this, it is even cuter than the NES Classic Mini. The way the power button and the reset button actually work is something I got a real kick out of. The way the front has to be pulled out so you can plug in the controllers is not ideal, but honestly, I do not know what else they could have done and even my son has no trouble doing this.

The controllers have a kind of different feel to them. It is like the plastic is a little more “grippy” than an original SNES controller. I am not saying this is a bad thing, but for someone who has been playing the SNES since the early 90’s, I can feel the difference. The controller length is ok, not fantastic, but long enough that I do not have to sit right in front of my console to play it.

One thing I wish they added to this over the SNES Classic Mini is some way to make the console reset via the controller. Maybe pressing L, R, Start, and Select would have been a way to go. The save states are great and I have actually found myself using the rewind feature which is pretty cool.

As far as the games go, I am happy with the selection. Would I have liked more? Yes. Is it weird that they have Donkey Kong Country, but not the other 2? Yes. But for the most part, all of the games are ones that I actually enjoy and I am sure someone will figure out how to add more games to it at some point. In regards to Star Fox 2….. I really do not think it is that great. I know it is an old game and I should view it like that and I am. I just do not think it is all that fun to play.

The SNES Classic Mini is a ton of fun and if you can get your hands on one (which is not all that hard from what I have heard) you will not be disappointed.

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